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Volunteer Opportunities

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We believe in living God's love by volunteering to help others in our community. It's easy to get involved at Good Shepherd — read about some of our volunteer groups below, and check the list to the right for full list of what we do.

Quilting Group

Our quilting group meets once per month, and has members at all levels of quilting experience — from ironing and cutting to stitching and finishing. Quilts are donated to charitable groups for use by those in need.

Youth Group

Service projects are the main focus of our youth group. From serving the hungry at the Soup Kitchen in Bridgeport, to collecting items for those in need, and actively participating in the life of the church, the Youth Group is at the heart of Good Shepherd.


Committees guide the many activities at Good Shepherd. Each committee is made up of volunteers with an interest in that particular area of the church. We are always happy to welcome new members to any committee.

Christian Education

The Christian Education committee is responsible for educational programs in the congregation, including Sunday School, First Communion, Confirmation, and adult programs.


It is the Shepherding Committee's responsibility to involve members in the life of the congregation and to encourage others to join our community. Sponsorship and care of new members is one of their key responsibilities.


The Finance committee oversees the financial matters of the congregation and recommends ideas for the care and protection of church assets, including buildings and investments.


The Property committee is responsible for the care and up-keep of all church property. This includes a plan for maintenance of the buildings and grounds at Good Shepherd.


The Stewardship committee promotes the practice of Christian faith in all areas of daily life. Through activities like the Rally Day Picnic, Congregational Breakfast, family outings, and our yearly pledge drive, the Stewardship committee supports the work and faith of the church.

Social Ministry

The Social Ministry committee is responsible for outreach programs to serve the needy in the surrounding areas and worldwide. It encourages each member to utilize their gifts and talents to help others in need.

Worship & Music

The Worship and Music committee assists the Church Council in seeing that worship is conducted regularly and by the standards set by the ELCA. This committee oversees groups that support the worship and music programs of the church, such as the choirs, the altar guild, and the lay ministry program.


The Youth committee promotes and supervises activities specifically relevant to youth in our congregation.