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Coronavirus Update

God our refuge and our strength, be with us in this time of affliction and challenge.You are a very present help in time of trouble.Do not let us fail in the face of these events. Uphold us with your love and give us the strength we need.

Help us in our confusion and guide our actions.Console the anxious and the troubled, protect the innocent and helpless,and deliver any in peril. Be beside those who must work to heal and serve others.All for the sake of your name and your great mercy in Jesus Christ our Lord. (Pastoral Care, Augsburg)
The Council gathered electronically Monday night and planned Good Shepherd’s response to the COVID-19 emergency.
There will be NO SUNDAY WORSHIP for the next two weeks (at least).
Council members and I will be making calls to stay connected to each other as WE ARE A CHURCH FAMILY. No one is left behind or forgotten ! This week I will do something I haven’t ever done – I will WRITE a sermon !!!    😉
We will send out the sermon later in the week along with guides for you to pray and worship at home. The following week we hope to upload sermon and song for you to utilize if it helps your prayer. Although we cannot meet as a community for now – please do not fall away from the centering of our lives as Christians in Word, worship and prayer. Especially on Sunday, the Lord’s Day, set up a little Service for yourself or your family. Light a candle, read from your bible. Pray and pray for fellow members at Good Shepherd Lutheran  Church. YouTube has many hymns to listen to and sing with. Type in ELW and familiar hymns will pop up.
Our “exile” can be an opportunity for us to be especially creative, caring and intentional in our holy faith.
ALL meetings, classes and uses of the building are CANCELLED.
Please do not hesitate to call or text or email me for any reason.
Our ancestors in the faith knew our faith was for just such a time as this. Take care of one another. Follow precautions and recommendations. Stay safe. Know that I am praying for all of you.I give thanks every time I remember you !